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My first photoshop action pack is now available for download. it contains two actions, SHOWER to add a nice black and white effect to your portraits and FLOWERS to improve your landscape pictures. You can find more info on what actions are and how you can install them at the bottom of the post.

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SHOWER gives portraits a beautiful black and white effect, with high contrasts and a slightly blue tone. The images become brighter, afterwards they’re made slightly softer by turning the whites into a light gray. I definitely recommend using this effect on portraits.

FLOWERS saturates your images. Greens and blacks are made slightly more blue, while red and yellow colours will pop out a lot. Because of that I advise using this action mainly for landscapes or pictures of nature or architecture, rather than portraits of people. Skin might turn out a bit too yellow!

You can download the pack here.

So, what are photoshop actions?
Actions are basically effects you can apply to your pictures. It can be everything from colour enhancements to adding your logo on photos. Actions are made by recording everything you do in photoshop. Afterwards you can save this recording and reuse it yourself later, or share it with other people. When you ‘play’ an action photoshop will basically recreate all those recorded effects on your picture.

How to use them?
After downloading the action pack, this is the easiest way to import and start using it:
1. Open Photoshop
2. Open the action panel (window > actions)
3. Click the menu button in the top right corner and choose ‘Load Actions…’
4. Navigate to the folder where you saved my pack, select it and press ‘Open’.

Afterwards you can open the picture you want to edit, click on one of the actions and press the play button. Photoshop will then edit your picture. I advise to use the ‘Save As…’ function (instead of ‘Save…’), so that you don’t lose your original picture.

Feel free to share your results with me! And feel free to ask any questions in the comment section if something is not clear!