I already dedicated a post about romantic art on RedBubble, so today it’s time for a selection of my favourite pieces from the Society6 “Give ‘Em Lip” Valentine’s Day collection.

#1. Free Hugs Cheap Love by Roberlan Borges, throw blanket.


#2. Love vs Hate by mrsaraneae, wall tapestry


So happy to see my own work featured by Society6 as well! It’s already the second or third time they’re promoting this particular artwork on the front page or in one of their curated collections, so this is making me really proud.

#3. I’m With You by Beart24mug


This is one of my favourites and am seriously considering buying this mug myself. Drinking my morning (and and lunch, afternoon and evening) tea out of this would make my day.

#4. Yeah, no. by Chris Piascik, iPhone cover


My two favourite words! Had to be part of this post.

#5. Groove is in the Heart by Roberlan Borgesthrow pillow


This artist is featured multiple times by Society6, and totally deserved. The typography is totally awesome, and this one is giving me a nice Flower Power vibe. Another piece added to my wishlist

#6. We Are Space Dust by Joe Van Wetering, throw pillow


Liked these? There’s more Valentine’s Day related art at Society6.